There is no secret science behind SEO. And there are many SEO ripoffs out there. According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of experience to become an expert, so you’d be hard pressed to believe anyone who claims they know everything about SEO after three months of experience. That’s the sad reality of the SEO industry.
Google’ check out this blog ranking algorithm

The Google algorithm is what determines where your website will rank. While it isn’t a “black hat” technique, it does use keywords to determine a page’s ranking. There’s no way to cheat Google or change its algorithm, but you can pay close attention to factors that the search engine values and work to improve them.

The first major change to Google’s algorithm came in 2016. In 2016, Google changed their algorithm and made User Engagement a key component. In the past, Google tended to be wary of factors on-site, but in 2016, it made this factor a larger part of the algorithm. This meant that Google could reward websites with higher user engagement.

The Google algorithm is a complex system of rules that determine how to rank a website. Its goal is to provide the most relevant results to a user. It consists of several algorithms to determine the searcher’s intent.
White Hat SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become a far more complex process than ever before. In the past, it was all about stuffing keywords into your content. Today, search engines are able to recognize and measure many different signals based on the language a searcher uses to find your site. This means that white hat SEO methods have to be much smarter than they were a few years ago. You need to make sure that your content satisfies searcher intent by using techniques like link building and unique content.

In white hat SEO, you don’t stop using keywords – you just use them in a natural and organic way. This way, your content will be better indexed by search engines. You’ll also have to make sure you link to the right page and use alt attributes and standard image formats.

In terms of SEO techniques, there are two main types of SEO: black hat and white hat. Black hat SEO techniques are unethical and can cost you your website. Moreover, they can also get you penalized by search engines. So, if you’re trying to increase the traffic to your website, it’s best to use white hat SEO tactics.
Ranking on page 1

If you have a new website and you would like to rank for a certain keyword, one of the best strategies is to add backlinks to the page. This will help your website to show up in the first few pages of Google. If you are not sure how to start, there are many SEO tools available for this purpose.

First, you have to know how to make your website rank on Google. The first thing you should do is figure out what is considered “the first page.” For most people, appearing on page one is the most helpful. The first page is where most people will look for answers to their questions. It is the most important page in Google, as it receives more than 3.5 billion searches each day.
Paid SEO

Paid SEO has become an outdated strategy. Google has made changes to its algorithm which make it difficult to determine how well your website is performing without paying for the ads. For example, before these changes, Google would show you what phrases people were searching for to find your website. But this method is now ineffective for boosting the number of customers and profit results.

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