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If you have any misspellings, address or phone number discrepancies, duplicate listings, or duplicate listings, make sure to change them to improve your local search engine optimization. Though paying attention to social media has primarily served as a source for marketing insights, it has many other benefits. It could even assist you maintain your local […]

Does SEO Work Anymore?

There is no secret science behind SEO. And there are many SEO ripoffs out there. According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of experience to become an expert, so you’d be hard pressed to believe anyone who claims they know everything about SEO after three months of experience. That’s the sad reality of the […]

Link Building for SEO

When you’re building links for SEO, you need to choose quality websites that attract traffic, have a high amount of social media activity, and secure site elements. The placement of links also matters, and the most important placement is in the upper body of the content. Links in the top portion of the content are […]